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AquaJet 50 Swimming Pool Counter Curent Unit

This unit is suitable for most types of above and in-ground swimmingpools.

For above ground pools a telescopic support is required these can be purchased for £159.99

We all know that swimming is one of the most effective forms of exercise. With the addition of a counter current unit there are all round benefits to your daily fitness programme but just as importantly your pool can be used for gentle rehabilitation following an injury. By swimming into a flowing current of water, you can exercise within a smaller pool area. The resistance of the water flowing towards you allows you to swim continuously without being limited to the length of the pool.The Aquajet 50 has a powerful 2.5kW Pump that produces a waterflow of up to 48m3 (48,000 Litrs) an hour.

Ideal as a training pool for swimmers and great for exercise.

This unit is the best value for money counter current swim jet on the market in the uk, simple to use and easy to install this unit can be easily assembled and fixed to the top of your above ground swimming pool.

Features easy to control on off switches that are easy to reach no need to get out of the pool.

Led lights around the jet that light up when your Aquajet 50 is running giving your pool a great look at night.


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