1kg multifunctional chlorine tablets

1kg multifunctional chlorine tablets


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1kg-20g multi
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small swimming pool or spa 1KG x 20g blue horizons multi functional tablets keep your pool or spa clean!


these super tablets work well


Helps prevent algae and improves the clarity of your water.

Provides a constant chlorine dose.

Reduces the amount of algaecide and flocculant you use.

Contains Cyanuric Acid (stabiliser) so it won't be broken down by the sunlight.

Place into floating dispenser, 1 tablet per 4,500 lts (1,000 gallons) of water. If you have an in ground pool place tablets(s) into skimmer baskets.


·        Floating dispensers must be removed from the pool when pool in use. 


·        Tablets must never be put directly into the pool as they will damage the liner.

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